Drone Roof Inspections UK

Looking for a Drone Roof Inspection in the UK?

If you’re in Dorset then Dorset Drone Guy (that’s us) would be a great place to start! However we realise that you may not be from this area so here are a few others you may like to consider.

https://solentskyservices.co.uk/drone-roof-surveys operate all across the UK

https://dronephotographyservices.co.uk/aerial-building-surveys-inspection/ are from Devon

https://aerialroofingsurveyorsuk.co.uk/southampton/ from Surrey

If you need help finding a Drone Roof Inspection anywhere in the UK, we’d be happy to help, just drop us a message via this form

How to Book a Drone Roof Inspection?

Drone Roof Inspections

No matter the size or location, we can quickly provide hi-res video and pictures using our fully CAA approved and insured Drone Roof Inspection Service.

  • 1-5 bedroom residential property: £215 Book Now
  • Commercial barns and units: £450 (more for larger units) Book Now

If we miss something we’ll come back for FREE!

Why get a Drone Roof Inspection?

  • Much cheaper than the traditional approach.
  • Avoids contact with the roof, so won’t cause damage.
  • Footage is saved for later review.
  • Your home/building insurance could be cheaper.
  • It’s very fast.
  • You can watch the screen and direct the pilot to specific trouble spots.
  • The footage and digital pictures remain yours forever.
  • Safety! No risk to life and limb.

Dorset Drone Roof Inspections

Prices (no hidden charges):

  • 1-5 bedroom residential property: £215 Book Now
  • Commercial barns and units: £450 (more for larger units) Book Now

We inspect:

  • Roof Coverings
  • Elevations
  • Leadwork
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Gutters
  • Solar Panels
  • TV Aerials / Satellites
  • Windows
  • What ever else you need

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Please note:

  • As standard we offer a drone pilot service only, the pilot is not qualified builder and will not provide a “state of your roof” report, we’ll provide you or your representative with the footage and pictures only.
  • We can provide a builder’s “state of your roof” report at extra cost, this will be created from the footage by one of our qualified builder partners and will cover externally visible issues only. We’ll need to quote for this service.
  • Our builder partners can provide a quote for any work that needs doing (where requested)

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Field Mapping and Crop Monitoring

Drone based crop management is coming to the UK and as the government work towards a more sustainable approach to farming it will no doubt require a more targeted approach to the application of chemicals.

The drone industry in the UK is working hard to push through changes to the law that permit targeted crop spraying with Drones, for the moment there are certain restrictions however there is still much that can be achieved with drone based areal crop monitoring.

As this is still fairly new technology, we are looking to work with local farmers in order to trial the systems.

Are you looking to feed drone crop images into you existing GPS based systems? Contact Us for a chat to see if we can team up.

Areal Photography and Videos

We’ve been making drone based farming videos and DVDs for a number of years, filming moving farm machinery up close with a drone requires a lot of skill and talent, if you think those skills can be transferred to your project get in touch!

Whether it’s just a few areal shots for your own project or a full promotional video, we can help. With access to a number of skilled video editors, we can work with most budgets.

Contact Us for a quote.

Roof Inspections

The laws around drone use changed at the end of 2020, the bottom line in only those with relevant insurance, A2CofC certification, and permission from the CAA can operate a drone in a built up area in order to perform a building or drone roof inspection.

Our drone operators are fully qualified and the drones we use are fully compliant with the regulations in 2021 and beyond.

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